The Story Behind The ScarfEZY™


 By the Designer & Seamstress

In 2009, I was a cancer patient who designed her own unique scarf. Today, I’m a grateful cancer survivor who wants others to have the same advantages my no-nonsense scarf offers.

My ScarfEZY is simple, easy to put on, comfortable to wear, covers the nape of your neck, keeps the head warm and stays securely in place!

In the winter I wear a ScarfEZY under my bicycle helmet for a layer of warmth!


Best wishes,

Designed especially for cancer patients and survivors.


Perfect for anyone who needs a comfortable, easy to wear
scarf that fits securely on their head.



  • Simple rectangular shape.

  • Pocket opening for your head.

  • Head fits into the opening.

  • The ends tie at the nape of neck.

  • Made with cotton blends and cotton knit fabrics.

  • Made by hand in Florida USA.

  • Long versions can be tied at the top of head.



  • Simple design means it’s simple to put on, even without
    a mirror.

  • The nape of the neck is fully covered instead of being
    awkwardly exposed.

  • Provides protection from sun, wind, and cold.

  • Versatile: can be worn under a hat, visor or helmet.

  • Classic look, not ostentatious.

  • Comes with an organza carry bag.    /   creativeLiterals©2019

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